MGM Resorts International Operations, Inc. Senior Database Administrator in Las Vegas, Nevada

Company Name: MGM Resorts International Operations, Inc.
Position Title: Senior Database Administrator
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Location: 6770 Edmond Street, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Summary of Duties: Design, maintain, control, and perform optimization of databases across MGM Resorts International. Assess the quality and performance of Teradata databases for reliable use by the organization. Oversee all changes made to the database, testing, and impact on performance. Plan capacity to support both projects and regular operations. Build and maintain database systems in accordance with published database administration policies and procedures and industry best practices. Ensure databases are appropriately designed, built, tested, and certified production ready. Ensure databases and systems are built for performance, maintainability, scalability, availability, sustainability, reliability, recoverability, and security. Generate, configure, and optimize the performance of databases. Support the efforts of the test lead and deployment lead to plan, manage, and deploy the application. Document benchmarks and procedures needed to optimize performance. Perform database backups, refreshes, tuning, and migrations. Plan disaster recovery and execution activities. Streamline and enhance the database lifecycle to ensure maintenance activities and reporting are effective, efficient, and integrated. Resolve bugs and issues with DBMS software. Develop all database-related documentation, including architecture and build plans, test cases, production implementation plans, and maintenance reports. Monitor database logs for potential problems.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, or related field and five (5) years’ experience in the offered role or as a Data Warehouse Specialist, Database Consultant, or related role. Employer will accept one (1) year of related experience in lieu of one (1) year of education. Four (4) years' experience in: Teradata Appliance; Teradata MPP Architecture; the software development process; database design, creation, maintenance, optimization, and troubleshooting; and SQL.

To Apply: Visit: Job Reference Number: 97983